Hey there people, really big news just announced from E3 and it hasn't even started yet.
Nintendo just held their Pre-E3 show and spelled out some new details on the Wii U and it's controllers....yep (Controllers) there is more than one.

First we'll talk about just that the controllers.

Nintendo announced that they have indeed changed the way the Wii U GamePad (Official name for the tablet controller) looks since it's prototype design at last years E3.

The GamePad now has "Clickable Analogue Sticks" instead of Circle Pads, it also have a TV button so that you can change back and forth from TV to GamePad on the fly.

As rumoured the GamePad does indeed have a NFC (Near Field Communication) section for interacting with new toys and cards.

There is a Home button that lights up when you receive new messages or updates (Notifications).

The second thing they introduced is a new Controller Pro which is to serve as an alternate controller for the Wii U instead of the GamePad (Tablet), it has all the functions of usual game controllers today.

The other bit's of information were to do with the Wii U's online system and how it's menu works.
The main menu for the system is an information board which incorporates a Mii plaza type layout with your Apps and Games  spread throughout.


The Wii U controller can also double as a Universal TV Remote.

Nintendo confirmed that you can indeed pause a game and chat to people via voice chat or video chat and text chat's using Miiverse the universal Mii conection which is part of the N Network (Nintendo's new online strategy).

These features do not interrupt gameplay and can be swap in and out of on the fly. 

Smaller details taken for their live conference is that you can leave helpful hints on any game that you have and anyone you've met that plays that game can see them, this works for all Wii U games and not only online games.

One last detail taken from the presentation is that you can get the Wii U, GamePad and Pro Controller in black.

See you soon gamers with more E3 News. 

Source for images - My Nintendo News