So the first day of E3 is over and here is a round up of the Wii U news that has come to light from Ubisoft, who at this point are the only publisher besides Nintendo going into detail about Wii U games, Other publishers and Nintendo will go into details later tonight in their actual E3 Show!
  • Ubisoft announced eight Wii U games in development, only showing off three at E3, Assasins Creed III, ZombiU and Rayman Legends with the last two being exclusive to Wii U.
  • "You can only use one GamePad (Tablet) at a time on the Wii U, however you can use a combination of other controllers along side the GamePad, up to five players." -Ubisoft

Ubisoft continued to show off a trailer for ZombiU which you can see below.