The Wii U system is Nintendo's next home console, it will be the successor to the Wii and use a new kind of controller.

System specifications:

Not much is known about the actual specs of the console itself, however there is a lot of speculation. We don't post rumours or at least not here, so I will only post what specs are announced.

Disc Type:

Wii U uses a custom optical disc that is similar to the PS3's BluRay, it holds upwards of 25gb and more.

Controller Type:

Probably the most talked about aspect of the Wii U, the controller along with having the ability to use all Wii controllers is a Tablet styled controller with a built in touch screen, it sports 2 analogue sticks a touch screen X,Y,A,B buttons L and R shoulders and two back triggers along with the start and select plus you get motion control, camera, microphone and a nifty stylus.

Exclusive Features:

The Wii U will have a great deal of console exclusive features, here is what we know so far:

  • You can stream the entire game to the controller and use it like your TV, instead of your TV. You can play your Wii U games on the controller only, sort of like a handheld.
  • The controller has "NFC" or "Near Field Communications", this allows you to buy a product that has a microchip in it that has data for a Wii U game, app, etc and if that product is near the Wii U console it will send that data.
  • The tablet controllers screen can be used as a second screen during play much like the Nintendo 3DS.
Backwards Compatibility:

The Wii U is compatible will all Wii games and controllers, it is yet to be seen if it up-scales older Wii games into HD, time will tell.
The Wii U is not compatible with any GameCube games or accessories, however you may see HD versions of GameCube games released online or at retail later on.


The Wii U is able to display pictures on the TV and on the Tablet Controller, Music and Movies (Divx) is not yet known.

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